Our Team

Our Team

In carrying out the LIC’s mission, all staff are guided by the Code of Conduct and the Core Values of the organisation, which are

  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Friendliness

The Leadership Team, comprising the Chief Manager, the Manager (IT/Admn.), Manager (SSO) and the Assistant/Deputy Managers which enables LIC to meet its business objectives, and coordinating the activities.

The Leadership Team is assisted by the Head of Departments who work together as a Team to deliver the operational and business objectives of the LIC-Mauritius Branch. They are responsible for the implementation of goals as set out in the strategic and business plans and ensure that the decisions and directions by the Leadership Team are understood by each and every member of the staff.

Chief Manager (In-charge)

Mr.Girish chandra Bhatt,

Telephone : 208 1485 (Ext. 21)

eMail :chief@lici.mu


Mrs. Swati Vartak

Telephone : 208 1485 (Ext. 22)

eMail :admin@lici.mu

Manager SSO, Mr Lalit Mohan Joshi, Telephone : 4674960 eMail :marketing@lici.mu

Danmowtee Luchmah

Telephone : 2081485 ( ext 36 )

eMail: service@lici.mu

Ameeta Indrabye Annia,

Telephone : 2081485 ( ext 38 )

eMail :sales@lici.mu

   Chitrawatee Gobin,

   Telephone : 208 1485 (Ext. 40)

   eMail :legal@lici.mu