Critical Illness( Plan Number : 121 )

Description of Benefits"SA + vested Bonus is payable on maturity or on death if earlier or In case the life assured has to undergo
(i) Coronary Artery BY-pass surgery to correct narrowing or blockage of one or more coronary arteries OR
(ii) Regular Haemo-Dialysis or Kidney Transplant, subsequent to total, final irreversible failure of both kidneys, OR
(iii) Is afflicted with Cancer (Malignant), OR
(iv) Suffers from a Paralytic Stroke causing total permanent disability of 2 or more limbs persisting for 3 months after suffering the stroke
Benefits are payable as under:
(a) Immediate payment of 50% of sum assured.
(b) Waiver of all premiums after admission of claims
(c) An amount equal to 10% of the sum assured will be paid every year from the next policy anniversary till the date of maturity or death of life assured if earlier.
(d) 50% of the sum assured + bonus will be paid either on maturity or on earlier death.
Min Age at Entry
Max Age at entry
Min SA
Max SA